Zen Travels: International ticketing for yoga participants

Zen Travels provides airline tickets for international travel to yoga teachers, their groups, and individual travelers. We already support a number of agencies that have groups to Bali, Nepal, India and many other countries.

For international destinations, travel agencies still enjoy lower fares compared to online sites, and we pass on part of the savings to you. We also carefully review your flights, fares, and transit duration, so that you don't have to spend 24 hours in an unpleasant airport to save a few dollars. When our fares are higher than the existing market fares, we advise you which site you can purchase your ticket.

We may also be able to get you a group fare if more than ten people are leaving from the same city.

You can reach us by email at yoga@zentravels.com, phone number at (202) 600-4530, or preferably completing the form here.

Contact details:

Zen Travels, (202) 600-4530

Email: yoga@zentravels.com