Ticketing Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to cancel your tickets if you do not complete the credit card authorization form.

Payment can be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express).  You are required to complete the Zen Travels Credit Card Authorization form which will be sent to you in another email. When you click on the link, you will be able to digitally sign and complete the credit card form and that confirms your consent for the payment. We reserve the right to cancel your tickets if you do not complete the credit card authorization form.

Passports and visas are your responsibility. We will not be responsible for additional costs or ticketing complications arising due to problems with passports and visas. For Nepali passport holders: you cannot fly through London or Hong Kong with an expired visa or travel documents. If your documents are not current you will need to obtain a transit visa or take an alternate route.

We will not be responsible for any kind of changes like flight cancellation, time change, schedule change, route change or any kind of mentioned or non mentioned changes by the airlines. It is a sole authority/decision of the airlines.

Please make sure that the spelling of your name matches the name listed in your passport. We advise you to check your passport to make sure it is current and also to ensure that any other traveling documents and visas are in order. Once you ask us to issue a ticket there are fees imposed by the airlines for changing the name on the ticket, and you will be responsible for these costs.

Occasionally, we have been advised by passengers that an airline attendant may have imposed a baggage fee which is different from the one we have indicated. By purchasing this ticket, you agree that Zen cannot be responsible for any such airline charges, as this is outside our control and we are not the ones collecting the payment. In a case of a misunderstanding, we suggest that you contact the airline’s customer service directly for a refund.

Tickets we issue may be NON-REFUNDABLE, a NO SHOW at the airport can result in travel cancellations and severe penalties, and most partially used tickets are non-refundable. Refunds fall under airlines rules and may take anywhere from a few weeks to many months to process. We cannot be responsible for the time the airline may take to issue a refund.

Please be advised that tickets are subject to availability. We give you the most accurate offer available at the time of the booking, but occasionally the airline may cancel a booking for one reason or another and, in that case, we will have to offer you a revised itinerary at prevailing market fares. Occasionally, the booking may be canceled after we take your credit card information. In that case, we will re-book the flight but may need to charge you if there is a fare difference.

There are times between the time we accept your payment by credit card, check or bank deposit, the fares can change or your itinerary can be auto-canceled without prior notice.  In that case, we will give you an alternate itinerary, you can either accept or deny.  If the seats are available in the same classes, and fares remain the same, Zen will not impose any additional charges.

Zen reserves the right to impose a service fee in addition to any such fees imposed by airlines and travel partners. Once travel is ticketed, date changes, cancellations, and other changes incur additional airline and agency costs.

These rules are subject to change at any time without advance or written notice. This is common practice in the airline industry.

By purchasing a ticket from us, you agree to the terms and conditions above.