How to Ensure a Comfortable Flight?

Flying is one of those activities that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. There are those who love the freedom of leaving the ground behind and embarking on their next adventure, and those that clutch to the seat in front of you, head held down until they arrive. Whether flying is a necessary mode of travel you’d rather avoid, or an amazing adventure you would like to embark on as often as possible, these tips can greatly enhance your experience:
  1. Arrive 3 Hours Early
    Especially if you are the kind of person who has a tendency to forget. Arriving 3 hours early will ensure that you will have enough time to go back and get all your important documents, in case you have forgotten them. You could also make a checklist of all items that you must pack when travelling. Documents at the top of the list. But do arrive early. Because it also means shorter, or no lines.
  2. Travel Light
    We cannot emphasize this enough. The size of the carry-on you are lugging around will greatly influence whether time spent in transit is a journey of discovery, or an exercise in carefully guarding your bag. Send everything that you don’t strictly need in your luggage, and use that transit time to make yourself happy.
  3. Wear Clothes in Layers
    You will be encountering a fair share of temperature fluctuations. With layered clothing, you are well prepared for the cold AC of the plane, as well as the hot and humid walk through the airport tarmac to the terminal during transit.
  4. Have a Document Holder
    Keeping your travel documents; passports, ID cards, letters, hotel reservations, forms, all in one safe place will make your life much much easier. It is simpler to reach into one folder every time you need to show something to people in charge. If you have to empty out the contents of your carry-on every time you are asked for a piece of paper, well, that is the surest way to make life hell for you, and others behind you.
  5. Eat a Decent Meal
    Eating before going to the airport is a smart strategy for you and your belly. Not all terminals have good restaurants, and if you are hungry and there is a long line at security, guess who won’t be a happy camper? Also no overeating. Definitely budget for small treats such as coffee and snacks instead of waiting for the in-flight meals.
  6. Have Distractions for the Kids
    If you have kids, carry distractions. Games, books, crayons, and other activities for children will make sure they have a fun time, and won’t keep you from enjoying your book either. Of course extra diapers and food for the kids is also a great idea.
  7. Make a List
    A day before your flight, make a list of things you absolutely need , in addition to your documents of course. Things for your comfort include things such as a change of underwear, phone chargers etc. Also bring a travel pillow if you can. The comfort will be well worth the space.
  8. Declare Your Dietary Restrictions
    If you have dietary restrictions, make sure to alert the airlines in advance. Whether you are a vegan, Hindu, vegetarian, pescatarian, or any other type of human being with dietary restrictions, it helps to let the people in charge of food know in advance. Then you can enjoy your meal alongside the others, instead of fuming about how difficult life is for your kind.
  9. Reconfirm Your Flight Time
    Always reconfirm the time of your flight before leaving for the airport. This is very easy to do nowadays with helplines, and online locators, and there is no reason for you to spend an extra 4 hours at the terminal.
  10. Documents In Order
    Back to the beginning, but it begs emphasizing. When booking your ticket, make sure your passport and visas are in order. Many fail to check visa requirements for their nationality, and that could result in the cancellation of your whole trip. A quick check will save you a lot of pain.

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