Different types of tickets via Delhi

When flying through Delhi, several airline and price options are available. We explain them to you below. Customers with US and Canadian passports should be careful to ensure they have either a joint ticket, or if they have separate tickets, to have a transit visa for India. Otherwise boarding may be denied at any point of the journey.

Single Ticket with through Connection

You may be flying with one or more airlines with a single ticket. As an example, Air India offers a ticket from Boston to Kathmandu. However, Air India does not fly between Boston and New York, and Delhi to Kathmandu. Instead, it uses UA or AA to connect between Boston and New York, and Indian Airlines (IC) between DEL and KTM. Despite the multiple airlines involved, the ticket would be issued by Air India on its own stock.

  • In case there is a delay from KTM to DEL and you missed the onward connection to New York, Air India would assist you and put you on the next flight, regardless of the airline the connecting flight is on
  • Baggage would be checked all the way to Kathmandu or your final return destination

  • Fares are usually more expensive to Kathmandu with a through ticket and there are only a few seats available that qualify for this extension
  • Only a few airlines airlines currently offer through connection tickets to Kathmandu via Delhi

Separate Tickets with Carrier Interline Agreements

You may purchase tickets from two separate carriers (and two sources). Because they have a baggage forwarding agreement with each other, your luggage will be forwarded directly to Kathmandu by the airlines. However, if your flight is delayed from Kathmandu to Delhi and you miss the connecting flight, the connecting airline may not waive the no-show penalties.

  • Baggage is forwarded automatically
  • You have a choice of many carriers, and the prices tend to be cheaper

  • If your first flight is delayed, then the attendant who is checking you in at the origination city will see there is a baggage forwarding agreement, but at the transit points, the connecting airline might not have the same level working agreement
  • Sometimes your luggage may not get forwarded at all and it will be hard to trace it because the terminating airline might not be helpful.

Two Separate tickets:

You have tickets from two different airlines that don’t have any agreement. e.g. Lufthansa or Air France to Delhi and Nepal Airlines onwards. Once you arrive at Delhi Airport, you must claim your luggage at the baggage terminal and once again recheck your luggage to the onward flight to Kathmandu. A special note to passengers holding a US or Canadian passport: you will need an Indian visa to go out and recheck your luggage. On the return, the same procedure applies. Nepali passport holders are allowed to enter/exit airport without any special visas. Note, without a transit or travel visa, some airlines don’t permit American passport holders to board the flights.

  • One can buy much cheaper tickets and choose from more airlines flying into Delhi

  • The hassle of going out of the airport to collect and check in your luggage at the airport
  • Any delays in the first flight can interrupt the remainder of the flights

Some tips:
  • Make sure you know which type of ticket you have and that you have the proper travel documents for transit
  • Confirm your luggage is forwarded to the final destination at the transit points
  • Request the travel agency (if possible) to issue both your tickets in one itinerary so the attendant at the origination point knows your final destinations.

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